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Port Sorell Indoor Sports

10th Aug 2020

Port Sorell Indoor Sports, held at the Banksia Centre in Port Sorell, provides a variety of sports programs and rosters for all ages. Fun, fitness and meeting new people are the criteria. Heaps of fun assured. Great avenue for new residents to the area to get to know the local community.

Rosters include mixed and women’s netball, volleyball, table tennis and badminton.

Alternate sports are added as required. Rosters commence mid February and conclude mid December. In this timeframe, four consecutive rosters are played for each sport. Age is no barrier. Programs also include after school multi sport activities, as well as the Port Sorell Indoor Sports holiday programs.   All sports are extremely affordable.

Port Sorell Indoor Sports commenced in October 2014, when the fantastic Banksia Centre was opened. Consistently providing sports for over 200 participants per week. Proudly presenting social activities for those who wish to get their sporting fix on a weeknight, Monday to Thursday.

Sports coordinator John House, has over sixteen years experience in this field, successfully providing a wonderful environment in which to participate.

For more information, contact John on 0407 561283