Agriculture in Latrobe

Tasmania is situated in the path of the Roaring Forties; the weather system that runs the Southern Hemisphere bringing the freshest air and clean rains and with the rich soils you have the perfect recipe for abundant agriculture.

Tasmania used to be known as the Apple Isle but now is famous for its quality meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy products. Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of Latrobe municipality.

As you take a drive around our municipality see if you can spot the…

Fruit and Vegetables

Some of the vegetable crops you will see as you drive around are carrots, broccoli, peas, beans, cauliflower, potatoes, sweet corn, celeriac onions, pumpkins, barley, wheat, oats, as well as fruit such as apples, pears, apricots and cherries.
Some of the vegetables are grown for processing into chips or frozen, while others are grown for fresh market.
As you drive around keep your eyes out for road side stalls where farmers are selling fresh produce.

Small fruits (Berries)

Have you seen all the polytunnels around the area and wondered what was in them. They contain a variety of small fruits including raspberry’s blueberries, strawberries. Soil management is important so most of the plants are grown in individual pots which allows for the soil can be changed regularly and nutrients applied as required.

Cool Climate Wines

Tasmania's cool temperate climate makes it ideal for some types of grapes. As you drive around you will see the grapes and you are welcome to enjoy cellar door tastings.


Lamb and beef are sought after by butchers, supermarkets and some of the finest restaurants
Fine meats are in demand in niche markets where quality is more important than quantity or price.


Tasmania's dairy cows live outside all year round due to the mild climate. This gives us some of the best dairy products. Recently goats have become a source of great dairy products.

Tasmanian Food Company

Produces a variety of products from Chicken to Wasabi and goats cheese, milk and yogurt
One of the largest chicken producers in Tasmania is in the area with chickens grown in sheds which you will see as you drive around. On passing the farm you will also see the chickens wandering around the paddock as free range.

Huon Aquaculture.

High quality Salmon is grown in waters around Tasmania and processed at the factory at Parramatta Creek. Door sales are available

Pharmaceutical Agriculture

Being an island Tasmania is ideal for the poppy industry. These flowers are used to produce opium which is shipped all around the world. The Poppy industry was first established in the Latrobe area and we still have a processing factory.
It is important to look, admire but don’t touch as they are toxic.

Insecticide Agriculture

Pyrethrum is a natural pesticide and can be found in full flower during January/February. The flowers. are produced into pellets and then processed into insecticide.

Paddock to the Plate

The abundance of agriculture on Tasmania means that you can try some of the best cheeses, butters, dairy products, beef, beer, honey, chocolates, berries, stone fruits, apples, vegetables and wines on the planet. Make sure to find restaurants, chefs and makers that have close ties to farmers in the area. That way you know that you're getting some of the freshest and most nutritious food products around. You can really taste the difference and it's something that will linger in your memory to draw you back to Tasmania in the future.