Latrobe & Port Sorell

The Riddle of Washpool Gully – George Town

1st Jun 2024

Terrapin in association with Theatre North presents The Riddle of Washpool Gully.

Far beyond the outskirts of the big city, near a tiny town that nearly everyone forgot, lay a lonely creek bed of no special significance. Once upon a time it was called Washpool Gully.

But the world had moved on from insignificant things, and no one had time for lonely creek beds. Except in Washpool Gully, something was stirring. Shaken by the rumble of engines and the darkening of the sky, something long asleep had decided to wake up.

Combining old-fashioned storytelling with contemporary puppetry and miniature sets, The Riddle of Washpool Gully is a reimagined tale of Australian mythology about incredible creatures that might still live in the uncharted corners of our vast country.

The Riddle of Washpool Gully is a collaboration between Terrapin and celebrated Brisbane production and design house Dead Puppet Society.