Latrobe & Port Sorell

Specialist Survival Course – Launceston

1st Jun 2024

Sometimes we need to be trained to a much higher level than a basic course – especially if being lost or stranded in the bush lasts for more than one night…which is why a specialist level of outdoor survival training will make all the difference.

The majority of people don’t often think about the dangers they could face if things turn serious when out hiking, skiing, or working remotely etc.

This turn of events can leave them badly equipped to cope with this kind of challenging scenario and lead to them becoming mentally and physically unprepared for such an emergency situation.

Quite simply, the better prepared you are and the more specialised knowledge and training you acquire, the less shocked and vulnerable you will feel – which ultimately helps you to react more calmly and make better-informed decisions.

Regardless of whether you’re a hiker, climber, kayaker, 4WD enthusiast, someone who enjoys the great outdoors or anyone who has to work in remote areas – superior survival and bushcraft skills can definitely save your life!

SCT’s one day Specialist Survival Course is designed to take your critical ability, knowledge, and practical application to the highest level, using advanced survival techniques that are required in a wilderness environment.