Latrobe & Port Sorell

Intermediate Survival Course – Launceston

1st Jun 2024

This one-day Intermediate Survival Course carries on from the Essential Basic Survival Course and our other basic bushcraft survival training course, Survival & Emergency Preparedness Course. Expanding on the foundational bushcraft survival training skills, you will further those skill sets you’ve already gained, as we develop more of an in-depth knowledge and practical application of your wilderness survival skills.

We utilise a mix of natural resources and modern equipment to deliver a blend of modern survival techniques and some more traditional bushcraft methods. Equally relevant to students of any age, as well as seasoned outdoor enthusiasts. It’s open to anybody who has already completed either the Essential Basic Survival Course or the Survival & Emergency Preparedness Course. As with our two basic courses, you will be taught using a combination of tried-and-tested knowledge and real-world practical survival skills, with a mix of indoor/outdoor instruction so you learn to use the best methods.

This intermediate course will help you to become more self-reliant and confident in your ability to work with nature and not against it. We will use a mix of modern equipment and natural resources you’d find in the Australian bush.

We will progress further from the basic courses and introduce you to a broader range of more advanced topics and modern survival techniques using realistic resources.