Latrobe & Port Sorell


13th Jun 2024

A Tasmanian event exists that is slightly OFF centre; one where an unusual interlacing of agriculture and art is crafted into a program designed to disrupt. Centered around nature as our provider, something far greater and more powerful than us all, attending agriCULTURED enables the reclaiming of your own rhythm albeit in a wabi sabi world. There are moments when stories can only be felt, rather than told and this festival offers a physical and metaphorical journey through the agricultural landscapes of northern Tasmania.

Bespoke performances see the language of music and creativity translate into not just an exhibit of sorts, but a moment and one where those who stand beside us become more than just fellow attendees, but friends. Knowledge is power and agriCULTURED eventgoers have the opportunity to absorb expertise from the driving forces behind sustainability and food innovation within the agri-food sector.

Rewild yourself and return home motivated by innovation, opportunity and encouraged to pursue it the Tasmanian way. End the agritourism event with your cup filled plus a full plate at Conversations in the City, an experiential example of food, culture, and why Launceston was recently named a UNESCO City of Gastronomy.