Latrobe & Port Sorell

Advanced Survival Course – Launceston

1st Jun 2024

Dig deeper into traditional field craft and advanced survival techniques with our enlightening one day training course at our survival school Australia.

Expand your knowledge and skill base as we continue on from SCT’s Intermediate Survival Course. We explore in greater depth the various different areas of some traditional methods and up-to-date survival skills. Here, you will extend your previously learnt skill sets further, as we teach you more traditional wilderness methods missed with sound modern techniques and tested equipment, to help enable you to survive in the bush and tackle anything that mother nature can throw at you.

As with our other basic and intermediate courses, you will be instructed using a tried and tested method – a combination of highly relevant theory along with practical bush and survival skills that will help you in a real-world survival situation. You will learn to build natural shelters to fit the number of people in your group, how to make a natural bedding platform, learn friction fire-lighting technique.

Additionally, you will learn simple traps, and increase your knowledge from our previous courses on how to navigate and travel naturally using features in the land and using the sun and stars.