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Latrobe & Port Sorell

Warm fires in winter creating that special ambience, luxury surroundings without the expensive price tag

17th Jun 2021

Monclair of Latrobe and Madame Monclair CAFÉ are conveniently located on the main street of Latrobe, 78 Gilbert Street.

Being just under 10km from the ferry terminal in East Devonport, via a bike-friendly path along River Road, and a similar distance from the Devonport Airport makes this stop a must for warming up and refuelling the stomach and soul.

The entrance to the CAFÉ is through the lovely courtyard and provides breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, whilst also catering for functions, special events and celebrations.

This business also furnishes a delightful retail experience offering items such as hand-made Israel Jewellery, luxury scarves, winter throws, candles, diffusers toiletries, coffee mugs, wall decor and other luxury items.

Open 7 days a week except for public holidays.
This service is open at request outside of normal opening hours.
Please call 03 6426 2663 if you require this service.

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