The Quiet Cone

Offered at a range of venues, Latrobe

Offering deep relaxation with symphonic gongs and Himalayan bowls. Public and private sessions available.

Everything around us is frequency and vibration. Sound therapy utilises instruments with a particular type of vibration, like symphonic gongs, Tibetan healing bowls and crystal bowls to restore the natural frequency flow to the body. Many studies have now been done on the effects of sound vibration on a cellular level, and all show that it can help to restore balance and integrity on a cellular and systemic level.
Symphonic gongs also have the ability to stimulate theta and gamma brain waves which allow for the processing of subconscious emotions, reduction of stress hormones, increase ‘feel good’ chemicals in the body like serotonin and are associated with deep states of meditation.
During our Gong Relaxation Sessions, you will be invited to make yourself comfortable lying down, and then will be fully immersed into the sound of the symphonic gongs. Most people find themselves in a deep state of relaxation and occasionally experience some strange physical sensations and blockages are shifted from the body.

Our sessions are held around the NW Coast of Tasmania and we are also available for private sessions, work or school groups etc. Please see below for available dates and events.

Phone: 0466 650 797