Latrobe & Port Sorell

Meet The Producers Dinner – Curated by Food Director Massimo Mele

14th Jun 2024

Commencing with fireside snacks and sparkling wine on the deck overlooking kanamaluka/Tamar River. Followed by a shared 3-course menu in Grain of the Silo led by our Food Director Massimo Mele & Executive Chef Thomas Pirker, featuring a selection of our valued producers and artisans. All are matched with wines from Tamar Valley and beyond.

Throughout the evening celebrated food writer and podcaster Dani Valent will lead a dialogue with producers, delving deep into the intricate details of their craft to give insights into the food systems and produce of Northern Tasmania.

Now in its fourth year Meet the Producer celebrates our commitment to local farms and sustainable food practices. Through our connection with our producers, we believe we can create stronger, more resilient food systems.

This dinner is a unique opportunity to connect with our talented artisans themselves, fostering a deeper appreciation for the ethical, sustainable, and incredibly delicious products intertwining on our plates.