Latrobe & Port Sorell

Cryptic Wonders – Enchanting Slime moulds and other hidden gems

29th Jun 2024

Be inspired by the stunning photographs and numerous specimens that capture the enchanting world of slime moulds at the Westbury Town Hall, during National Science Week, in Northern Tasmania.

This exhibition will reveal a mostly hidden world that was discovered in 2010 when a local naturalist started searching for slime moulds and is now collaborating with overseas researchers about species unknown to science.

Slime moulds are unexpectedly beautiful! Their miniscule fruiting bodies display a variety of colour and form and they have an intriguing life cycle – at one stage they move about and feed and they can even find their way through a maze!

Wildlife biologist, Dr Sally Bryant AM will open the exhibition at the Westbury Town Hall at 2pm on 10th August. This will be followed by a talk by Sarah Lloyd OAM who will describe slime moulds (myxomycetes) – what they are, their ecological roles and how the forest at Birralee is becoming known as a world hotspot.

A selection of slime mould specimens in labelled boxes will be displayed alongside images that reveal their intricate details. Microscopes will be available to view specimens. ‘Biodiversity Panels’ of fauna, flora and funga will be displayed with a brief overview of their biology and ecological roles.

‘Cryptic Wonders’ talk by Sarah Lloyd will be repeated at 7pm 14 August.