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Walks around the municipality - Latrobe & Port Sorell


Bell's Parade
From the end of the Sheean Walk to the gate of Bell's Parade (1/3 kilometre), then the Bell's Parade circuit (¾ kilometre) return to the Sheean Walk start.

Dooley's Hill Reserve Walks

  • Lower Reserve Walk from Kings Park picnic area to William Street over the Kings Creek footbridge (½ km)
  • Round the Hill Walk from the Sheean Walk behind Dooley's Cottage to the junction of the Forth/Upper Hamilton Street joining up with the "top of the Hill" walk turning left at the "Steep Climb" walk and descending down to the Kings Park picnic grounds (1 ½ km)
  • Steep Climb Walk from Kings Park picnic grounds to the junction of the "Top of the Hill" walk (1/3 kms) turning right and returning to the park grounds (1 ¼ kms)
  • Top of the Hill Walk from the end of (Upper) Twiss Street to the top of Forth Street (¾ kms)
  • Reserve & River Walk from Kings Park to Forth and (Upper) Hamilton Street junction, along Hamilton Street to Hawkins Street follow this to the (Upper) Twiss Street and walk the Dooley's Hill plateau to the junction at River Road and follow the River Road south past Bell's Parade and walk back up Gilbert Street to Kings Park picnic ground (6 kms).
  • Steep Reserve & River Walk start your walk from the bottom of Hawkins Street and then follow the same route as the Reserve and River Walk. Hawkins Street will test your fitness.

Gilbert Street Historic Walk
from the Mersey Bridge to the Roman Catholic Church (1 ¼ kms) return (2 ½ kms)

River Walk
Drive down or walk down Hamilton Street along Shale Road until you come to the Warrawee Forest Reserve sign on your right (3 ½ kms), there is a 5 to 6 kilometre river walk through a picnic area to the Great Bend and Myrtle Hole. (Return 13 kms)

Sheean Memorial Walk
From the Sheean Memorial (opposite Station Square in Gilbert Street) and follow the old railway line to the River Road junction stopping to read the plaques detailing the various conflicts of World War II and pays homage to those involved in the Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam and Korean conflicts.


Port Sorell

A brochure detailing self guided walks of Port Sorell is available from the Latrobe and Port Sorell Visitor Information Centres.

Narawntapu National Park
The National Park offer many short and longer walks. For more information please contact Department Parks and Wildlife for brochures on the park.

Coast Walk
From the northern end of Hawley Beach near Hawley House to Point Sorell facing into Bass Strait and return (6 kms).

Panatana Rivulet

  • stroll along the Rivulet's northern shore from Port Street past River Road. Return 4 kms
  • stroll along the Rivulet's southern shore (Bird Sanctuary) over the footbridge between Darling and Rice Streets. Return 2 kms.

Rubicon Beach
This walk follows on from the Panatana southern shore walk and ends at Squeaking Point through the Port Sorell Conservation Area, a shoreline Reserve. Return 2 kms.

Port Sorell Estuary Eastern Shoreline Strolls

  • Port Street to the pontoon. (1 ½ kms)
  • The pontoon along Freer Beach to the boat ramp at Dumbleton Street. (2 ¾ kms)
  • Dumbleton Street to Hawley House along Hawley Beach (2 kms)
  • Port Street to Hawley House (7 ½ kms)

Port Sorell Estuary Western Reserve Strolls
From 1 ½ kilometres south of The Tongue at the western entrance to south east arm, Franklin River and Sugar Creek to The Tongue and around to Lades Road near The Point there is over four kilometres of shoreline reserve to explore. You will need vehicle access as your starting point is 16-18 kilometres from Port Sorell.




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