Forests, Flora & Fauna (Port Sorell)

Port Sorell

A brochure detailing self guided walks of Port Sorell is available from the Latrobe and Port Sorell Visitor Information Centres.


Aub Luck Reserve

Location: Joyce Street, Hawley Beach
Enjoy a gentle stroll through the well maintained Aub Luck Reserve to enjoy the natural bushland amongst the casuarinas and blackwoods, home to various Tasmanian Native Animals: Bennett's Wallabies, Pademelon's, Eastern Barred and Brown Bandicoots, Wombats and a plethora of various birdlife.


Coast Walk

From the northern end of Hawley Beach near Hawley House to Point Sorell facing into Bass Strait and return (6 kms).


Panatana Rivulet

Location: Access from Rice Street, Port Sorell.

  • stroll along the Rivulet's northern shore from Port Street past River Road. Return 4 kms
  • stroll along the Rivulet's southern shore (Bird Sanctuary) over the footbridge between Darling and Rice Streets. Return 2 kms.

Rubicon Beach

This walk follows on from the Panatana southern shore walk and ends at Squeaking Point through the Port Sorell Conservation Area, a shoreline Reserve. Return 2 kms.


Port Sorell Estuary Eastern Shoreline Strolls

Location: Follow the signs on the Frankford Highway to Narawntapu National Park to access the Franklin River starting point.

From 1½ kilometres south of The Tongue at the western entrance to south east arm, Franklin River and Sugar Creek to The Tongue and around to Lades Road near The Point there is over four kilometres of shoreline reserve to explore. You will need vehicle access as your starting point is 16-18 kilometres from Port Sorell.

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Port Sorell Conservation Areas

From Panatana Rivulet to Squeaking Point.
The Port Sorell Conservation Area covers approximately 70 ha of foreshore, tidal mudflats and woodland. Originally declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1945, it was expanded in 1998 after a campaign by local residents wanting to protect the area's natural and scenic assets.
Due to declining native wildlife, the Conservation Area protects some important habitats for remaining native vegetation and native animals. The area is home to a number of vulnerable, rare and endangered species.
The tidal mudflats of Panatana Rivulet are home to a variety of marine life, which helps to attract bird life. Fifty species of birds have been observed here, including Lewin's rail and the buff-banded rail, both of which are infrequently seen in Tasmania.
The woodland at Squeaking Point is home to a wide variety of native plants such as the rare lizard orchid and the endangered yellow eyebright.
Native mammals in the area include both brown and eastern barred bandicoots, several of Tasmania's native bats, Bennett's wallabies and potoroos.
The Conservation Area is managed by a committee of local residents in conjunction with the Parks and Wildlife Service, with assistance from Council.

For further information please contact:

Rubicon Coast and LandCare Group
PO Box 48
Telephone: 03 6428 6072

Parks and Wildlife Service
Mersey Field Centre
Telephone: 03 6428 6277
Fax: 03 6223 8308

WildCARE (Friends of the Parks and Wildlife Service)
GPO Box 44a
Telephone: 03 6233 2185


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Narawntapu National Park (Port Sorell)

Frankford Highway, Rubicon
03 6428 6277
Just 20 minutes from Latrobe and Port Sorell past the Rubicon River (C740)
A coastal and bush land park featuring the beautiful Bakers Beach. Rich in both Aboriginal and European heritage, the park has an abundance of mammal and bird life. For the best chance to catch a glimpse of Tasmanian marsupials, especially cute wombats, wallabies and Forester Kangaroos, stay overnight at a powered or unpowered site available for a fee.
Enjoy numerous walking tracks to cater for all levels of fitness. Swimming, fishing and bird watching are popular.
Visit the great interpretation centre for park passes and local knowledge on flora and fauna
The National Park offer many short and longer walks. For more information please contact Department Parks and Wildlife for brochures on the park.



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