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Central North Wildlife Care & Rescue (CNWCR)

Central North Wildlife Care & Rescue (CNWCR)  is dedicated to rehabilitating orphaned and injured native animals back to the wild, supporting volunteer wildlife carers and raising awareness about wildlife issues. The group offers a 24 hour rescue service, and through a network of members, native animals can be picked up, given first aid and held until a foster home, treatment or euthanasia can be arranged. 

The group liaises with a statewide carer network, agencies such as the RSPCA, local vets and State Wildlife Officers and is dedicated to raising community awareness about Tasmania’s unique native species through public talks/displays, training workshops and media articles.

CNWCR volunteers are largely self funded and care for animals in their own homes until they are ready for release. CNWCR relies on public donations and community grants to assist wildlife carers with the purchase of milk formulae for orphans as well as the construction of rehabilitation pens, and other necessary equipment. CNWCR is currently undertaking the construction of a small rescue centre at Forthside which will provide a centre for animal care, community education and group administration.

For further information please ring 0409978064, email or visit the website:




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